Just to demonstrate that the coaching process really... Brian has a wonderful gentle manner that puts you very much at ease... Brian was very professional and took responsibility for ensuring... Coaching helped me focus on my most important goals... Brian is an excellent coach! At first I did not know what to expect from the coaching sessions...
Best Direction


Life Bridging Coach The quality of interpersonal relationships is one of the most essential assets of life and an important part within the whole life coaching experience. Life's demands both at work and on a personal basis interrupts our social time and thereby adversely affects the chances of building and sustaining high quality relationships and often adds to stress and general unhappiness.

Life coaching can help people see more clearly the contradictory way they are living. What people need to understand is how the choices they make often work against them achieving what they say is important to them. In other words, people can very often be obstructing or inhibiting their chances of achieving what's important to them by refusing to act differently or make different choices. Low self-esteem very often contributes to people's inability to make and keep meaningful relationships. People can repeat unhelpful, unhealthy patterns as they don't see a way to connect with other people feeling strong, confident and attractive. Life coaching that is empathetic can help people examine their insecurities and see themselves in a new, healthier, more productive light.