Just to demonstrate that the coaching process really... Brian has a wonderful gentle manner that puts you very much at ease... Brian was very professional and took responsibility for ensuring... Coaching helped me focus on my most important goals... Brian is an excellent coach! At first I did not know what to expect from the coaching sessions...
Best Direction


Life coaching and career change reassessment.

The world of today is so different to that we remember.

Changes in technology and communications has increased demands upon us and are affecting people in the UK and beyond in ways we could not have imagined or even envisaged several years ago. It is therefore becoming very difficult for people to be clear and confident about their career options these days and to be able to work out their career goals and strategies in a meaningful way.

By offering help and understanding to those who have either just recently been made unemployed or have been unemployed for some time or just unhappy with their employment can bring back that meaningful feeling again. Those re-entering their employment after an absence of some time can be provided with a valuable degree of support being necessary to add the confidence that has been lost through often no fault of their own. Even entering into self-employment may appear somewhat daunting without having been able to talk it over with an independent person who understands the feelings you may have at such a prospect. Even considering retraining or taking full or part time education courses may appear to be a challenge that needs to be discussed and overcome.

Coaching therefore whether it is personal or business can help you

Take stock of your current position.

Identify what is important and what is not.

Identify with realistic options and to prioritise them according to their need.

Allow discussion of anxieties and fears and to feel positive again.