Just to demonstrate that the coaching process really... Brian has a wonderful gentle manner that puts you very much at ease... Brian was very professional and took responsibility for ensuring... Coaching helped me focus on my most important goals... Brian is an excellent coach! At first I did not know what to expect from the coaching sessions...
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In addition to offering life coaching to private clients, I can also work with executives and other professionals based in a range of organisations, many of which are located around the country including London.

Business and Executive coaching clients come to me by various routes: either they find me after searching on the web themselves and ask their company to support the cost of their coaching; or a decision maker at the organisation contacts me and arranges business coaching for one or more of their professional staff. I also have many clients recommended to me as well by those I have helped. Sometimes I work with only one executive within the organisation, sometimes I work with members of a senior management team and sometimes I facilitate executive coaching for entire departments or, in the case of small or mid-sized businesses, for the whole organisation. From my perspective, corporate coaching and executive coaching (or business coaching in any setting) must still remain focused on the individual in question.

I address all relevant work-related issues. I also try to understand a great deal about the individual's personality, experiences and approach to life as factors such as those heavily influence life and work satisfaction, job performance and how motivated and empowered people feel about making productive changes.

Life coaching whether it is with private clients or business clients is always a totally confidential coaching relationship. When I work with clients in a corporate or business setting where the organisation is covering the cost of the business coaching, details regarding confidentiality, form and level of feedback reports, outcome expectations of all stakeholders (client, coach, senior management) , payment arrangements etc., are all discussed, agreed upon and, when appropriate, explicitly set out in a contract. The following list provides examples of areas which I often address when coaching executives and business professionals:

Identifying core competencies and interests

Developing better leadership/management skills

Managing relationships with subordinates/superiors/peers

Identifying barriers to productive change

Improving delegation skills

Reviewing career path goals

Assessing career change options

Addressing work/life balance

Improving motivation

Team building & Teamwork

Examining implications of lifestyle choices

Improving interpersonal communication

Developing better presentation skills

Managing stress

Developing conflict resolution skills

Effective executive and business coaching ideally should facilitate improvements for the individuals involved and the companies that employ them. Through thoughtful, provocative coaching, people can learn a lot about themselves, the reasons for unhelpful behaviors, the barriers to positive change and ways to move on confidently.

GolfOne of the most successful coaching interventions is to engage Business executives in the outdoors. Some of the most successful sessions I have had in recent times have taken place on the golf course. The many distractions that can hinder decision making and creative thought are removed when the office is no longer the environment. On a practical level, fresh air, healthy exercise and independent company provide all the support necessary to provide opportunities for business advantage.